SICE College Staff and Student Co-Operative Stores Ltd.,

State institute of commerce education college, staff and students co-operative stores limited was established on 27th February 1977.  The main objective of the society is to procure and supply at cheap rate necessary students requirement such as stationery, text books etc….

Equipments for training:

Many office equipments are available for practical training and the students or expected to get acquainted with their operation.

  • typewriter
  • Personal computer
  • Overhead projector

Railway concession:

Students are eligible for concession from the southern railway for their journey from their residence to the institute.  On closing and the reopening days of the institute students requiring such concession should apply to the principal for the concession forms at least one week in advance.

Free bus passes:

The students are eligible for free bus pass from their residence to the institute as per the scheme formulated by MTC from time to time.